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  • Chemistry
    • Context
      • Family dynamics
      • Family tragedy
      • Suicide
      • Learning to Swim
    • Methods
      • First person narrative
      • Circular structure
      • Symbolism
      • Imagery
      • Dialogue
      • Characterisation
      • Motif of water
    • Quotes
      • "The voyages were trouble-free."
      • "The motor cut. The launch wallowed, sank."
      • "Ralph suddenly barked"
      • "For about a year we lived quietly, calmly, even contentedly within the scope of this sad symmetry."
      • "Hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. Neither would work by itself, but the mixture will.
      • "we lived for each other"
      • "a big man, who ate heartily"
      • "she had grown neglectful of Grandfather"
      • "I remember keeping a sort of equation in my head"
      • "the evergreen shrubs which filled our garden were defying the onset of autumn"
      • "Get the pudding!"
      • "she never did explain"
      • "He was standing in his black overcoat and grey scarf."
      • "there were a thousand things I wanted to tell them...about how suicide can be murder and things don't end"
      • "he was a weary, ailing man"
      • "Chemistry is the science of change."
      • ""he studied it from curiosity and for solace"
      • "The house where Ralph now lorded it, tucking into bigger and bigger meals, was a menacing place."
      • "She looked trapped and helpless."
      • "he looked like some torpid, captive animal that has lost even the will to eat"
      • "The heavy rain and tossing branches of a rowan tree obscured my view."
      • "slipped in, like a stray cat, at the back door"
      • "this look of relief, as if she had recovered from an illness"
    • Untitled
    • Themes and ideas
      • Family
      • Death
      • Grief
      • Loss
      • Power
      • Loneliness
      • Loyalty and betrayal
      • Past and present
      • Things not as they seem
      • Ghosts


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