Checking out me History

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  • Checking out me History
    • Dialect
      • African Heritage
        • Links to themesof slave trade.
      • Oral poetry
      • Black english : shorter words
      • phonetic spelling
    • Ethno Centric Curriculum
      • feels as though he is not learning what he wants to learn.
        • Links to themes of choice, pride, marginalised and disenfranchise.
      • Only learned a white british education.
        • Links to themes of cuture, roots, heritage and belonging.
      • Education is one sided.
      • talks about the engish history and british nurery rhymes in normal writing and then talks about his own history in italics
    • Themes
      • Identity
      • Language
      • Disenfranchise
      • Marginalised
      • Heritage
      • roots
      • history
      • Education
        • Links to teaching himself.
      • power
      • belonging
      • culture
      • pride
        • Choice
    • Tecniques
      • He uses perfect rhyme in the 'English' history lesson which could mean that it's supposed to be prefect, all one culture. When speaking about the black/African culture he uses little rhyme and so it looks to be more free and easy.
      • Dosnt use puctuation
        • Education is where you learn punctuation, it may be the done thing, but he dosn't follow it.
      • use of metaphors to show he dosn't get the education that he wants.
      • repetition


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