London vs Checking Out Me History

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London vs Checking Out Me History


  • Both of the poems challenge the power of humans from high authorities
  • In London, Blake challenges the church for not helping the poor - "blackening church" - blackening shows how Blake is criticising the Church through colour imagery
  • In Checking Out Me History, Agard challenges the authority of governments through phonetic spelling of "Dem tell me" to show the he was opposed to the British education system of the time


  • London has a cylical structure, as suffering is the focus at the start and end of the poem. The quatrains also show how the suffering is repetitive, and nothing is being done to change it. This is a result of human power
  • Checking Out Me History shows a solution - it focuses on people within Black History, and talks of them in italics to draw emphasis to them, which contradicts what Agard would have been taught in school

Overall comparison

Both London and Checking Out Me History are poems that express the poets anger towards the misuse of power by those with authority, but the main difference is that while Agard shows a solution, Blake does not, showing how they have different viewpoints on if it is possible to change.


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