Checking Out Me History

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  • Checking Out Me History
    • Form
      • Free verse
      • Mixture of stanza forms
        • British - simple rhymes, childish
        • Caribbean - short lines, broken stanzas, serious
    • Structure
      • Alternates between historical/fictional British/Caribbean history
      • Stanza structure emphasises differences
      • No punctuation
    • Context
      • Taught a version of British history in Guyana
      • Born in Guyana
      • Guyana has a history of colonisation
      • Poems explore cultures and identities
    • Quotations
      • "What happen to de Caribs and de Arawaks too"
      • "Bandage up me eye to me own history/Blind me to me own identity"
      • "Dem tell me/Dem tell me/Wha dem want to tell me"
      • "Toussaint/a slave/with beacon/of de Haitian Revolution"
      • "Dem tell me about 1066 and all dat"
      • "Dem tell me about de dish ran away with de spoon/But dem never tell me bout Nanny de maroon"
      • "Nanny/see-far woman/of mountain dream/fire-woman struggle/hopeful stream/to freedom river"
      • "she volunteer to go/and even when de British said no"
      • "a healing star/among the wounded/a yellow sunrise/to the dying"
      • "now I checking out me own history/I carving out me identity"


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