Characteristics of Public Schools


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  • Characteristics of Public Schools
    • Boys
      • All of the boys were of similar interest and enthusiasm.
      • Therefore can be channeled into games
    • Endowed
      • The schools have and know what income they will get each year
      • The money was put towards facillities, equipment and coaches
    • None Local
      • Boys would have brought their own games to the school, making the first 'melting pot'
      • e.g Eton wall game.
    • Spartan
      • Harsh lifestyles toughened the boys up preparing them for sport.
    • Boarding
      • Boys were together for long periods of time.
    • Expanding
      • As the school grew a housing system was put in place
      • therefore creating inter house sport
    • Gentry
      • They brought money and status the the schools
    • Fee Paying
      • the money could go towards facillities, equipment and coaches
    • Controlled by Trustees
      • Keen to promote the schools therefore used the investments to promote sport.


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