Characteristics of Living Things

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  • Characteristics of Living Things
    • Movement
      • An action by organism or part of an organism causing a change of position or place
      • Movement can be a heart beat or a sunflower moving towards the Sun
    • Respiration
      • Anaerobic
      • Aerobic
      • Chemical Reactions that breakdown nutrient molecules in living cells to release energy.
    • Sensitivity
      • The ability of the body to detect and respond to stimuli
      • Stimuli - light, smell sounds, chemicals.
    • Growth
      • A permanent increase in size and dry mass by an increase in cell size and/or number
      • Development: An increase in size and complexity
      • Growth is measured by dry mass.
    • Reproduction
      • Sexual
      • Asexual
      • The process that makes more of the same organism
    • Excretion
      • The removal of metabolic waste products (chemical reactions in cells including respiration) and substances in excess of requirement
      • Includes removal of CO2 and water from the body
    • Nutrition
      • The taking in of nutrients which are organic substances an d mineral ions, containing raw materials for growth and tissue repair, absorbing and assimilating them
      • Autotrophic
      • Saprotrophic
      • Heterotrophic


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