Characteristics of an Entrepeneur

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  • Characteristics of an Entrepeneur
    • They have an idea and make it happen.
      • Can be an original idea
      • Or can be a way to develop an existing product.
    • An entrepreneur sets up and runs a business.
    • It is common for them to work alone.
    • Roughly 3/4 of UK businesses have only one employee (the owner.)
    • Does not always need knowledge/ experience.
    • Need personal qualities (characteristics.)
      • Allow sthe entrepreneur to see the business through to the end.
    • An entrepreneur is a person who has an idea and act to implement it.
    • Can be motivated by making a profit (more in another mindmap.)
      • Profit is a financial reward the owner earns.
    • Anyone can be an entrepeneur.
    • Only 1/5 of new businesses survive.
  • Persuade customers that the product is worthwhile.
  • Made by Zahra good luck in your exams! :)
  • As - level Business Studies Edexcel Unit 1 Chapter 1


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