business activity.

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Why do businesses exist?

To satisfy the needs of the customers. They provide goods and services at a price that people are willing to pay. In return they will be rewarded (hopefully) profit.

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what is enterprise?

Enterprise is seeing an oppurtunity to provide a product or service that people are willing to buy.

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characteristics of an entreprenur

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characteristics of an entreprenur

  • Creativity.
    • An entrepeneur would normally be creative, possibly designing something never seen before.
  • Risk taking.
    • An entrepeneur starting a business will have to take risks, possibly using their own money, which might multiply in the future or lost forever.
  • Determination.
    • An entrepeneur should have the determination to see things through. Owners of small businesses find that when they first start they need to put a lot of time into the business.
  • Confidence.
    • Need to be confident that their ideas will succeed.
    • An enterprising person is always very positive.
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