Chapter 7: Forces in Equilibrium

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  • Chapter 7
    • Vectors and Scalars
      • A vector is any physical quantity that has a direction and magnitude
      • A scalar is any physical quantity that is not directional e.g distance
    • Balanced  Forces
      • The combined effect of three forces  is only zero if the resultant of any two forces is equal and opposite to the third
    • The principle of Moments
      • Moment = F * d
      • the sum of the clockwise moments = the sum of the anticlockwise moments
      • The center of mass of a body is the point through which a single force on the body has not turning effect
    • Moments (Extra)
      • A couple is a pair of equal and opposite forces acting on a body
        • The moment of a couple = torque
    • Stablility
      • Titling to occur: Fd > Wb/2
        • If the line of action lies within the wheelbase = will not topple
        • 1) Parallel to the slope F = W sin theta 2) Perpendicular to the slope Sx + Sy = Wcostheta
    • Equilibrium Rules
      • The triangle of forces have the vector sum F1 + F2 + F3 = 0
        • A bpdy in eqilibrium acted on by three forces = libnes of actions must intersect at the same point
      • For a body in equilibrium 1) the resultant force must be zero 2) the principle of moments must apply


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