Chapter 6 50

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  • Chapter 6 50
    • The economic record of the Thatcher governments
      • economic policies seen as controversial
        • she succeeded in bringing down the rate of flation
      • Privatisation improved performance lowered prices and offered consumers more choice
      • deregulation of the city ensured that London remained at the center of a global financial market
      • critics suggested success at reducing inflation was due to north sea oil
        • the social cost of the policies - pushing up unemployment and destroying communities hit by the fall in manufacturing - outweighed the benefits
        • policies created a selfish  get rich attitude
    • How successful was thatcher's management of her cabinet
      • few allies in the shadow cabinet most older and loyal to heath
        • felt gov should actively manage economy
        • she had limited government experience
        • her gender divided opinion
      • achieved success
        • established band of loylists
        • back in the commons
        • popular with grass root members
    • How Thatcher achieved mastery of her cabinet
      • appointed some wets to senior positions
      • appointed dries to key ministires - people who shared her opinion
        • then appointed more of her supporters
    • The growth of opposition to her style of leadership
      • loyal supporters admired her firmness and conviction
      • others felt her cabinet had become crowded
      • she began to be intolerant even of disagreement of supporters
      • However resignation contributed to her downfall
    • Why did Thatcher inspire such passionate support and hatred
      • support for
        • clear-sighted, brought about much needed change
        • believed she implemented a set of principles and policies "Thatcherism"
        • had brought influential changes about
        • toughness in the face of adversity
      • policies were controversal
      • people lost jobs
      • homeless population increased
    • Why did thatcher resign in 1990
      • opposition to poll tax
        • Untitled
      • economic difficulties
      • splits in the cabinet over europe
      • she was unpopular and faced opposition


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