The Help, Chapter 2, Key events, Key quotes

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  • Chapter 2
    • Key Events
      • Aibileen warns Minny that Hilly might accuse her of stealing.
      • Minny calls Aibileen to tell her Hilly is sending Ms Walters to a nursing home. She has no job
      • Hilly has been telling people Minny is a theif
      • Aibileen writes her prayers like she has done since 7th grade when she left school.
      • Celia Foote calls at the Leefolt house, Aibileen answered.
      • Celia is excluded by the other ladies because she married Hilly's ex
      • Aibileen pretends to ask Elizabeth if she knows any maids looking for work, then tells Celia to call Minny at her home phone
      • Leroy gave Celia Ms Walters number where Minny is working her last day.
      • Ms Walters knows about the pie. Minny's chance of getting a job is gone.
      • Elizabeth tells Aibileen to use the outside toilet from now on.
    • Key Quotes
      • "The coloured part a town, we one big anthill, surrounded by state land that aint for sale"
        • The state chooses not to sell it
        • Link to ants symbolic as ants are all workers, just like the black community
      • "Any other white lady and no one would care, but we'd all want to know if Miss Hilly after us"
        • Miss Hilly is genuinely frightening
      • "We can't afford it! And we do not take orders from the Holbrooks!"
        • Her husband is aware how big of an effect Hilly has on his wife
      • "Well I didn't realize..."
        • She is neglecting her child
      • "I still got a big yellow mark where Treelore's pickup sat for three months"
        • Symbolic of the mark it left on her.
      • "Miss Hilly sending Miss Walters to the old lady home"
        • Minny calls Aibileen to tell her Hilly is sending Ms Walters to a nursing home. She has no job
      • "What do you think I am? A chauffeur?"
        • Minny is sassy, which is not a good trait for the help to have.
      • "Who do you think you talking to, Aibileen? A monkey? I might as well go work for the KKK
        • Context; white supremacy group.
        • Working for Hilly as bad as working for the KKK
      • "I'm so mad at Miss Leefolt, I'm biting my tongue. If the fool would just pay her child some attention, this wouldn't happen!"
        • She is neglecting her child
      • "I'm here, baby, Aibee's here,' I rock and soothe, rock and soothe."
        • Repetition symbolic of how she has had to do it often.
      • "Here we is with two in the house and one being built and they still ain't no place for this man to do his business.
      • "Got heavy wrinkled hands. Seventy years a worry done put so many lines in his face, he like a roadmap"
        • Still working even though he is so old. Contrast to Miss Walters who is younger and is going to a nursing home.
      • "Dog's back there, but he won't bother you"
      • "She telling everybody in town I'm stealing! That's why I can't get no work!"
        • The power of Hilly
      • "Being coloured ain't nothing on that boy. He twelve years old, blind, and he got a hit on the radio"
        • Like being black is more of a barrier than being blind.
      • "When I tell my seventh-grade teacher I ain't coming back to school cause I got to help out my mama"
        • She barely has any education.
      • "We all on a party line to God, but you, you setting right in his ear"
      • "You don't know about the Terrible Awful Thing"
      • "Mister Leefolt and I have decided to build you your very own bathroom'. She clap her hands together"
      • "feel that bitter seed grow in my chest"


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