Changing family patterns

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  • Changes in the patterns of family
    • Cohabitation
      • Increased cohabitation rates reflect the decline in stigma attached to sex outside marriage.
      • The young are more likely to accept cohabitation, 88% 18-24 yr olds 'premarital sex is not wrong at all'- 40 over 65
      • Increased career opportunities for women- less need for financial security
    • Singletons
      • Increase
        • Chances in position of women
        • Cohabitation
        • Secularisation-decline in the influence of religion in society
      • Decrease
        • Remarriage
    • Lone parent
      • Divorce- The number of divorces has doubled between 1960 & 1970 & doubled again by 1973. 7 out of 10 applications for divorce are from women. 1 in 2 marriages end in divorce
      • one child in 4 lives in a lone-parent family
      • The courts usually give custody of children to mothers
        • HOWEVER, increase i male rights- paternity and lack of gender roles may change this
    • Reconstituted
      • Account for 10% of all british families
      • As a result of Lone parents, and rise in divorce.
    • Same sex
      • Stonewall's campaign found that only5-7% of our population is gay.
      • since 2002- cohabiting couples, same rights to adopt as married couples
      • 2004 civil partnership act
      • Weeks- increased social acceptance= reason for increased trend


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