Changes in the birth rate

How and why the birth rate has decreased

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  • Changes in the birth rate
    • A major decline in the infant mortality rate
      • Improvements in sanitation, water supplies and nutrition
      • Mass vaccination was introduced after the Second World War
      • Parents did not need to have lots of children to ensure a few survived
    • Standards of living increased
      • Childhood came to be seen as a special period in our lives
      • Having children became expensive
      • Could no longer send young children out to work, so did not receive an extra income
    • Attitudes towards women's roles dramatically changed
      • Women chose to have fewer children, some chose not to have children at all
      • Women had more opportunities in the workplace and education
      • Now not simply expected of women to want to raise a family and become a housewife
      • 2004 - 34% fewer births than in 1901


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