Implications for religious understands with the way God interacts with the world:

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  • Challenges to the idea of an interventionist God
    • Classical Theism
      • God is seen to be the perserver of the world and is dependent on God's sustaining activity for its existence
      • An  interventionist God moves in, but occasionally therefore is contrary to the idea of classical theism
    • Problem of time
      • An interventionist God would be limited in the time frame of the event in order to intervene
      • This is incompatible with the idea that God is outside of time
    • Problem of evil
      • If God is able to intervene, why does he not address the real problems of the world by the means of miracles?
      • God has the means (power) and the motivation (love, goodness) to eliminate evil and suffering
      • However, it is obvious that there is still evil and suffering, God seems in different to the continued existence to suffering in the world


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