cellular respiration

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  • Cellular Respiration
    • What is Cellular Respiration?
      • All organisms need a supply of energy to survive.
        • This is because all living processes need energy.
        • Together,  these processes are known as the Metabolism of an Organism.
          • This is because all living processes need energy.
      • This can occur aerobically or anaerobically.
      • It's an Exothermic reaction.
    • What do Organisms need energy for ?
      • Cells need the energy released by Cellular Respiration to carry out all living processes.
        • Movement
          • Energy is needed for muscle cells to contract
        • Biosynthesis
          • Chemical reactions that build large molecules from smaller ones. For example, proteins are built from amino acids.
        • Thermoregulation
          • Cellular respiration is used by many organisms to keep themselves warm.


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