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  • Cells
    • Cell Theory
      • Cells are the smallest units of life
      • Living organisms are composed by cells
      • Cells come from pre-existing cells
    • Unicellular organisms carry out the functions of life
      • Metabolism
      • Growth
      • Reproduction
      • Response
      • Nutrition
      • Homeostatis
    • Differentiation
      • To become different and therefore specialise in a particular function
        • Cells in multicelluar organisms are produced by mitosis so each cell has the same chromosomes
        • Most genes are off as they code for functions that the cell doesn't do. The 'on' genes code for functions that the cell needs to stay alive or to do with its specialised function.
    • Therapeutic Stem Cells
      • Stem Cells have the capacity to divide and differentiate along different pathways.
      • Lukemia
        • Cancer of the white blood cells, leukocytes
          • WBC are made in the adult stem cells bone marrow. WBC are released to fight infection.
        • Lukemia is when the WBC grow uncontrollably.
        • Chemo kills are the bone marrow cells
      • Divides by binary Fission




In the "functions of life" part, excretion is missing :)

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