Cell Structure part 1

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  • Cell Structure
  • Eukaryotic cells have a similar overall structure
    • each have a specific function
    • contain a nucleus + many organelles
  • all cells have  a similar structure
    • cytosol
    • cell membrane
    • nucleus
    • organelles
  • Zacharius Janseen
    • 1590, he + his father built the first compound microscope
      • opened the door to cell research
    • dutch scientist
  • Robert Hooke
    • English scientist
    • 1665 , made his own version of a compound microscope
      • first person to observe cells
        • called the structures 'cells' because it reminded hime of the small room monks occupy in monastries
  • Anton Van Leeuwanhoek
    • 1674, made first observations of living cells
    • Dutch scientist
    • trying to improve the quality of  microscope lenses
      • with this more powerful microscope, people saw  things for the first time.
        • it was now clear that cells were far from 'empty rooms'
  • By 1839, scientists came to conclusion that cells the basic unit of life
  • cell theory
    • 1839
  • surrounded by a cell membrane
  • most cellular activities occur in the cytoplasm


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