CB4b - Darwin’s theory

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  • CB4b - Darwin’s theory
    • genetic variation (aka inherited variation) - differences between organisms caused by differences in the alleles they inherit from their parents, or differences in genes caused by mutation
    • natural selection - a process in which certain organisms are more likely to survive and reproduce than other members of the same species because they possess certain genetic variation
      • adaptations allow organisms to survive
      • 'survival of the fittest'
    • natural selection allows some members of a species to survive better than others when conditions change
      • those members of the species gained features (adaptations) which helped them to survive
    • the development of resistance in organisms supports Darwin’s theory
      • due to genetic variation, there will always be certain individuals in a species, resistant to different things
        • if there is a product that can kill a species, not all individuals will die because some will be resistant to the product
          • this resistance will lead to the resistant individuals surviving and breeding with other resistant individuals leading to more resistant individuals
    • natural selection can lead to the evolution of a new species
      • 2 animals can evolve from the same animal (they share a common ancestor)
        • conditions changed for the ancestor
          • due to genetic variation, some animals will adapt better to the difference 
            • the ones that adapted were more likely to survive that the others that didn't/couldn't
              • more of these individuals survived and bred forming a new species over time


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