Causes of conflict

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  • Causes of conflict
    • Hidden secrets
      • lies and deceit are threaded throughout affecting N and T marriage
        • "If I'm pitched out a second time you are going to keep me company" - conflict because he blames her, this makes Nora paranoid and causes conflict within herself "crosses to the door, listens", this leads to tension between N and T "i have never understood you" - brings to light the flaws
      • The set shows secrets which causes tension between Chris and Joe and Kellers and Deevers
        • "hedged...closely planted" = lies and entrapment, when Chris finds out his and Joe's exchanges become long illustrating argument idiolect similar at beginning "kid" then "I saw you as my father"
        • George:"Your dad took everything we have...she's one item he's not going to grab" - Ann = symbol of conflict like inanimate object that increases tension
    • Money
      • Causes conflict between Linde and Krogs
        • "a heartless woman...more profitable" - money caused his heartbreak - roles of men and women
      • Causes conflict between Sue and Jim
        • "as soon as a woman supports a man he owes her something" - Jim stays to pay her back restrictions of women in money can causing conflict and man owing woman is degrading
    • Social and Moral contexts
      • Social convention of husband controlling wife leads to conflict between them and within N - Tarantella
        • "I have been your doll wife... educate myself" symbol of doll is why Nora leaves him shoe doesn't want to entertain him and needs to educate because she is mentally restricted.     "Rises" proxemics = realisation and end of relationship
      • Chris' morals cause conflict between him and Joe and Kate.
        • "Keller keeps a step out of Chris' range" - physical distance mirrors emotional distance and Joe's guilt  "[pleading...with determination]" Kate is desperate but maybe Joe is the real cause of conflict because she then tells Chris to "Live."
    • Last paragraph
      • The alternative ending caused conflict in society because it shows who they really are
      • Trying to have the american dream causes conflict as you have to step on people to get it.


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