Geography Climate Change

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  • Negative Effects of Climate Change
    • Changing Pattern of Crop Yields
      • Coutries closest to the Euquator may suffer crop yeild decrease
      • Tanzania and Mozambique with lose 1/3 of crops due to longer droughts
      • 50% decrease in available wheat growing land in India
    • Retreating Glaciers
      • Vast majority of world's glaciers retreating
      • Melting ice in the Arctic could cause Gulf stream to move south leading to colder temperature in Western Europe
      • 90% glaciers in Antartic retreating affecting ocean movement
    • Rising Sea Levels
      • Between 1993 and 2006 sea levels rose 3.3 mm a year
      • Will be a threat to low lying coastal areas (e.g. London, New York, Tokyo)
      • 2 Kiribati islands are covered by sea water in the Pacific
    • LICs
      • Kenya droughts, now happen every 3 years instead of every 10
        • Suffered worst drought in 80 years in 2006 causing a great loss in cattle
      • Colca region of Peru, villages been abandoned
        • Because of lack of snow they no longer have water supply
    • HICs
      • Greenpeace predicts the Great Barrier Reef will be dead in 30 years due to rising temperatures
      • Increase in storms and floods in UK leading to an increase in cost of food damage


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