Casey Exp 2

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  • Casey 2011 Exp 2
    • Aim
      • LD show less activity in the inferior frontal gyrus and more activity in the ventral striatum
    • Participants
      • 27Ps agreed to partake. 15HD and 11LD.
      • 1 P was excluded for poor performance
    • Procedure
      • fMRI used to examine brain activity.
      • 'hot' version of the go/nogo task similar to exp 1 was used.
      • 48 trials presented
      • Each face presented for 500 milliseconds and intervals were between 2 and 14.5 seconds.
    • Results
      • No significant differences in reaction times
      • Both groups high accuracy for 'go' trials
      • LD more false alarms
      • Right inferior frontal gyrus involved in witholding responses.
      • Ventral striatum (reward related region) more activity in LD
    • Conclusions
      • DOG is stable characteristic over time
      • Contextual factors can influence DOG ('hot' trials'
      • LD shows less activity in the inferior frontal gyrus and more in the ventral striatum


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