Care and maintenance

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  • Care and maintenance- label requirements
    • Wash and drying Instructions= care labels are voluntary but will make the product more appealing for consumers as they will know how to care for it and ensure it will last a long time. Symbols are consistent with those used on washing machines, irons and detergent packs
    • Flammability= by law this information must be given on sleepwear, dressing gowns and night wear for children and the elderly.
    • Fibre Content= use the generic name of the fibre not the trade name. Give the percentage composition, these legal requirements
    • Standard sizing= In the UK, there is an existing standard for women's clothing BS 3666:1982. Some manufacturers use Vanity sizing.
    • Dry Clean instructions= any process for clothing and textiles using a chemical solvent other than water. Use to clean delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the rough and tumble of a washing machine and clothes dryer- also eliminates labour intensive hand washing.
    • Country of origin
    • Wool Mark
      • is put on textile products as a mark of assurance that the product is made from 100% pure new wool
    • A care label on a textile product gives the consumer useful information about product maintenance. Although manufacturers use similar symbols to tell the consumer how to look after the product; the care of each product will differ depending on its fibre content and the fabric finishes used


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