Capital punishment

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  • Capital punishment (is 8 marker)
    • goes against human rights
    • painful and degrading
    • not setting a good example, mixed messages and contradictive
    • not needed. are secure enough.
    • we understand mental health better. should be treated
    • doesn't allow them to reform
    • doesn't work as a deterrent, crime numbers are lowering because of the other ways
    • we are more civilised than revenge, society needs to reflect that
    • even with dna evidence, innocent people are sometimes executed
    • lethal injection is not human. too long, and may experience pain
    • more modern, less barbaric.
      • life in prison = more barbaric
    • are cases of offenders that know they can't be reformed, ask to be euthanized.
      • with dna evidence, it is less likely to have innocent people
          • time changes nothing


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