Cairngorm Plateau

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  • Cairngorm Plateau- Cold Environment
    • North-East Scotland
    • Arctic-Alpine ecosystem
    • Largest continuous tract of mountain above 1000m
    • High plateau- ringed by steep cliffs
    • Last glacial period: Ice sheet covered Scotland and froze to bedrock of plateau
      • Caused little erosion- protecting the older, rounded pre-glacial surfaces
        • Leaving delicate tors intact
    • Valley and outlet glaciers carved deep glacial troughs into the plateau
    • Some of the valleys are occupied by ribbon lakes such as Loch Avon and Loch Einlich
    • During phases of alpine glaciation- glaciers cut massive cirques below the summits
    • Freeze-thaw, frost heave and gelifluction created block fields, patterned ground, screes and ploughing blocks


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