C2- Material choices 

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  • C2- Material choices
    • Materials we use are chemicals or mixtures of chemicals, and include metals, ceramics and polymers.
    • Only a small percentage of crude oil is used for synthesis and that most is used for fuel.
    • Petrochemical industry refines crude oil by fractional distillation
    • Modifications in polymers produce changes to their properties to include modifications such as; increased chain length, cross-linking and the use of plasticizes
    • Nano science is the study of extremely small particles. Atoms and Molecules are nano-sized
    • A nanometre is a thousand million times smaller than a metre.
    • Nano sized materials have very different properties
    • Atoms of a surface tend to be more reactive compared to the ones in the centre
    • Nano particles can be added to sports equipment to make it stronger
    • The use of silver nanoparticles to give fibres antibacterial properties
    • Some nanoparticles may have harmful effects on health
      • There are concern that products with nanoparticles are being introduced before these effects have been fully investigated
    • Nanotechnology involves structures that are about the same size as some molecules
    • It is possible to produce a wide range of different polymers with properties that make them each suited to a particular use
    • Some small molecules called monomers can join together to make very long molecules called polymers
      • The process of this is called polymerisation




This includes crude oil and hydrocarbons, but it is basically an overall of the topic C2 

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