C2 Chemistry Revision

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  • C2
    • Electrolysis
      • Anode
        • Positive Electrode
        • Impure copper to be purified.
      • Cathode
        • Pure copper
        • Negative Electrode
        • The pure copper increases in size
    • Fertilisers
      • Ammonia is made by a reversible reaction called the Haber process
        • Nitrogen + hydrogen Ammonia
        • Conditions for the Haber process include a high temperature - about 450ºC ,a high pressure - about 200 atmospheres (200 times normal pressure) and an iron catalyst
          • Conditions for the Haber process are adjusted to maximise yeild.
      • Ammonia is used to make nitrogen fertilisers
      • Fertilisers can be made by a neutralisation reaction: acid + base --> salt + water
    • Earth structure
      • Rock is recycled by geological processes
      • Scientists study volcanoes and earthquakes in an attempt to predict future eruptions and seismic activity
      • Plate movements in the earth cause earthquakes and volcanoes
    • Materials
      • Rocks are used as building materials but metals are also extracted from them
      • Concrete alone is not very strong but can be reinforced with steel
      • Alloys contain at least one metal but have different properties
      • Iron rusts in contact with oxygen and water, salt speeds up rusting. Aluminium has low denstiy and doesnt corrode due to its oxide layer


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