Business stakeholders

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  • Business stakeholders
    • Owners
      • Shareholders invest money in a business and get a share of the profit called a dividend
    • Customers
      • They want good quality products at a fair price
    • Employees
      • They want good working conditions, fair pay and benefits, job security and opportunities for promotion.
    • Managers
      • They are often employed to run the different departments. They have to show leadership, solve problems, make decisions, settle disputes and motivate workers. They have to take the responsibility if things go wrong.
    • Financiers
      • They have a financial interest in a business and will be keen for it to do well
    • Suppliers
      • They will supply raw materials to the business and in return they will require prompt payment and regular orders
    • local community
      • Provide employment.There maybe more jobs, more overtime and possibly higher pay
    • Government
      • Firms provide employment,generate wealth and pay taxes. These are used to fund government spending.


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