Business studies stakeholder objectives

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  • Stakeholders and their objectives.
    • Owners and shareholders.
      • To increase sales to earn profits, and to benefit from an increase in share value.
    • Managers and directors.
      • For the business to grow as their pay is directly linked with the size of the business, and to have job satisfaction and status.
    • Employess
      • To receive a fair wage that reflects their contribution, and to have job security.
    • Customers
      • To receive a good quality product that gives value for money, and to keep being provided with that product.
    • Lenders
      • To be paid their loan back with interest on time.
    • Suppliers
      • To receive payments when due, and to be treated fairly and with respect, not be forced to decrease costs.
    • Government
      • To spend as little as possible on unemployment benefits and to be paid taxes.
    • Local community
  • -Employment -To be given facilities and services


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