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Context - Oedipus the King

. Oedipus was first performed in the early years of the peloponnesian war and after the plague in athens 430/429BC, affecting they way in which athenian citizens may view they play

  1. Plague - Athenians at the time had just got over a plagu,as it spread and no treatment    could be found they lost there faith on prayers and oracles. This play would make athenians question there choices as in the play the characters do not lose there faith so they may praise Oedipus for not losing faith. Audience associate the play with  the collapse of a city.

2. Oedipus shows some democratic qualities of Pericles (Leading Statesman) so Athenians see a reflection of there own values

- Not Impulsive

- Concern for his people

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Context - Antigone

. Antigone was first written and performed a short time before 440BC

. At the time athens was displaying a great self confidence as a city state, building the acropolis programme including the parthanon

. Athens was dislaying it imperial force, they put a rebelliong in samos down at the end of the deacade

. Athens also became a center for development in arts and philosophy.

. Links between Creons leadership

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Context - Medea

1. Jasons father Aeson is overthrown by Jasons uncle Pelias in Iolkos

2. Pelias agrees to had Jason the kingdom if he goes to Colchis to find the Golden Fleece

3. In Colchis Jason asks King Aietes to return the Golden Fleece but first he had to perform super human tasks like overcoming phantom warriors

4. Aphrodite makes Medea, daughter of Aietes fall in love offering Jason help in return for marriage using magical/special powers to help him complete the task

5. Medea distrated her father by killing her brother as she and Jason fled Colchis

6. Back in Iolkos Jason learn Pelias killed his father and is refusing to give up the throne. In revenge Medea tell his daughter that she can turn an old ram into a young one by chopping it up and boiling it. After a demonstration the girls chop up there father killing him.

7. The people of Iolkos are horrifed and Jason and Medea flee to Corinth

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Context - Hippolytus

. Set in Trozen were King Theseua of Athens is serving a years voluntary exile for killing the contender to the throne, Pallas and his sons, Theseus' cousins. Hippolytus, Theseus' illegitimate son of Amazom Hippoltya has lived and trained on Trozen since his early childhood under Pittheus' protection a former King of Trozen

. Produced in 428BC

1 - Plague in 430BC depleted population and caused devastation

2 - Peloppenisian War 431BC

. There was an earlier version and it lost the competition because Phaedra was a blatant lier and shameless lier whi lived.

. Phaedra - Stepmother - Suspicion - No blood ties

. Hippolytus - Sexually abnormal - Illegitimate - cause problems with inheritance  etcc

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