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  • Budzynski
    • Aim:
      • To see whether BIO FEEDBACK is an effective method of reducing tension headaches.
    • Methodology:
      • LABORATORY experiment. VOLUNTEER sample used. INDEPENDENT measures design- randomly allocated to group A, B or C.
    • Participants:
      • 18 participants who replied to an advertisement in a newspaper in Colorado.
    • Procedure:
      • For 2 weeks, participants kept a record of their HEADACHES. Group A and B given 16 training sessions, 2 sessions each week for 8 weeks.
      • Group A taught RELAXATION and told CLICKS of biofeedback machine would reflect their muscle TENSION, with SLOWER clicks indicating LESS muscle tension.
      • Group B told to concentrate on varying CLICKS and were given PSEUDO-FEEDBACK.
      • Group C given NO training but told they would begin training in 2 MONTHS.
    • Findings:
      • Muscle tension of group A was significantly less than group B by the end of training and then after 3 months.
      • Group A's reported headaches dropped significantly below their baseline, the others didn't.
      • DRUG USAGE in Group A dropped low than group B as did HEADACHE activity.
    • Conclusions:
      • Biofeedback is an EFFECTIVE way at training patients to RELAX and REDUCE tension HEADACHES. Effective method of stress MANAGEMENT.
        • Relaxation training more effective than just being monitored, better when used together WITH biofeedback.




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