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  • Business Studies: A Level - See details sheet!
    • Marketing and people
      • Marketing
        • Mass Marketing: Aimed at the whole market, often as a generic product
        • Niche Marketing: Aimed at a smaller segment of the larger market, often as a speciality product
      • Market Segmentation
        • Splitting up a market of potential customers into different distint characteristics
          • Income; geographical; lifestyle; ethnicity; gender; age
      • Research types
        • Market Research
          • Primary: First-hand, collected by firm in question
          • Secondary: Second-hand, bought or retrieved from a third-party
        • Quantitative - Numerical data
        • Qualitative - Opinion-based data
    • PED: Price Elasticity of Demand (inelastic and elastic)
      • The measurement of the proportionate change in demand against a change in price
      • Percentage change in quantity demanded / percentage change in price
      • Factors affecting PED
        • Substitute availability; proportion % of income spent on g/s; addictive goods; time
    • Demand & Supply
      • Law of Demand
        • If price increases, demand decreases
      • Factors affecting Demand
        • Complimentary or substitute; Income; Tastes and Fashion; Advertising and Branding; Demographics
      • Factors affecting Supply
        • Production costs; technology; indirect taxes; subsidies; external shocks
    • (If a box is orange, most content will be on details sheet)
    • Mixes
      • Design Mix
        • Aesthetics; Function; Economic Manufacture
      • Marketing Mix
        • Product; Price; Promotion; Place


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