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Product design means deciding on the make-up of a product so that it works well, has an attractive design and can be produced economically.

Products should satisfy customer wants. They should be developed as a result of market research into those wants and an understanding of the requirements of the firm’s target market.

Products can be tangible (goods) or intangible (services). In practice, most goods include aspects of service, such as the quality of customer service and after-sales service. Similarly, many services feature products too, such as the food when purchasing a restaurant meal.

The main elements of a successful product are its features and design. To appeal to consumers a product must possess certain characteristics. The characteristics of a good product will vary according to the consumer and the product. The key features influencing tablet computer purchases provide a useful illustration:

● Reliability. Manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and Apple have a reputation for reliability that appeals to tablet computer buyers.

● Functions and compatibility with other devices. Buyers of tablets desire a flexible product which can be used…


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