British Empire History

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  • British Empire
    • Keywords and Meanings
      • Empire: A group of countries ruled by another country.
      • Colony: A country that is part of an empire.
      • Resource: The collective wealth of a country or it's means of producing wealth.
    • Countries in the British Rule and their Resources
      • Australia and South Africa. Traded GOLD
      • Jamaica. Traded SUGAR
      • Sri Lanka. Traded TEA
      • Malaysia. Traded RUBBER
    • Benefits and Problems (Britain)
      • BENEFITS
        • Helped made Britain a country of money.
        • Helped with health, education and ease of travel in various colonise.
        • Some individuals from the colonised country made money.
      • PROBLEMS
        • Thought that they were superior than the natives.
        • They killed and tortured the natives.
        • Human labour increased; slave trade.
    • Benefits and Problems (India)
      • BENEFITS
        • The British were able to construct a new railway system across 2900 miles of land.
        • Education improved. Schools increased the total number of schools from 170 to 2900.
        • The British invested about £400 million into India. They developed a coal industry, which had not existed before.
      • PROBLEMS
        • There were terrible famines that devastated India in 1876-1877, and 1899-1900.
        • The Indian economy was dominated by growing "cash crops" to sell to Britain, rather than growing enough food to feed their own population.
        • From 1860-1920, economic growth in India was very slower.
    • Triangle Trade continents and what they traded.
      • Britain/UK
        • Cargoes included: gunpowder, felt, silk pieces, sail-cloth, green glass, beads, candles, sugar and tobacco, textiles, muskets, etc...
      • Africa
        • African Kings captured slaves and held them on the coast for Britain.
        • African war lords met the British in west Africa and exchanged goods for slaves.
      • USA and West Indies
        • Goods (e.g. Cotton, tobacco, rum, spices) that had been made in the West Indies and USA were taken back to Britain to sell.
        • Cotton would be used to make clothes for slaves and to be taken to Africa.
    • 3 Key features of the Slave Trade
      • The slave trade cause countries like America and Britain to become rich and powerful.
      • Slaves were crammed into the ship with the cargo below the deck. A lot of people died due to the poor conditions.
      • All the slaves were auctioned off to people and were sold to farm and grow crops.
    • Interpretations
      • Someone's view of the past, created deliberately after the events by someone who was not there at the time.
      • Historian A says the British Empire was GOOD because it "spread order and wealth"
      • Whereas Historian B says the British Empire was BRUTAL because it "exploited people around the world".


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