Britain 1483-1529

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  • Britain 1483-1529
    • Richard III
      • Becomes king in 1483
      • Passes act making Edward IV's children in legitimate 1484
        • Called "Titilus Regus"
      • Only son and heir dies 1484
      • Sees of Buckingham rebellion
        • Series of failed rebellions in 1483 led by ex-pal Buckingham. After receiving backing from future King Henry. A mixture of bad weather and tactics led to the rebellion being quashed
      • Dies at Battle of Bosworth
        • Henry VII raised an army which was able to defeat Richard's in the field of Bosworth. Richard made a charge after thinking he had the advantage but was defeating by Henry's army of 11,000 after support from the Stanleys
    • Henry VII
      • marries Elizabeth of York in 1486
      • Lambert Simnel pretends to be Earl of Warwick and is crowned king in Ireland and gains support from foreign powers but ends up being defeated at the battle of Stoke after failing to break through into England proberly
      • Treaty of Medina del Campo signed between England and Spain which leads to marriage of Arthur and Catherine of Aragon
      • Treaty of Redon agreed between England and Brittany
      • Treaty of Etaples signed with france to end English invasion and French support of Perkin Warbeck and England receive annual pension
      • Perkin Warbeck poses as Duke of York and started uprising in Cornwall and gained support from Scotland but fails to have that support once he passes the border into England. He's captured 1498 and executed in 99'.
      • Intercus Magnus signed with Burgundy reducing taxes and increasing trade between the 2
      • Treaty of Ayton stopping Scotland supporting any English pretender
      • Arthur dies 1502
    • Henry VIII
      • 1511- Deal with Spain to attack Spain
      • 1513- Peace treaty with France
      • 1515- Louis XII, Francis I becomes King
      • Treaty of London signed between England, France, Holland, HRE, Papacy, Burgundy agreeing not to attack each other
      • 1520- Field of Cloth of Gold in Calais
      • Wolsey finances amicable grant for war with France
      • League of Cognac established to stop Italy becoming Spanish fiefdom
      • Wolsey fails to agree annulment with Pope for marriage of Catherine and Henry
      • 1529- Wolsey stripped of titles and land on grounds of undermining the King


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