Breathing and gas exchange

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  • breathing and gas exchange
    • gas exchange system
      • lungs found in chest and are protected by your ribcage
        • ventilation system moves air in and out of your lungs
          • provide an efficient surface for gas exchange in the alveoli
    • for an exchange system to work effectively
      • large difference in concentration of gas on different sides of exchange membrane
    • adaptions of the alveoli
      • lungs make gas exchange more efficient
        • made up of clusters of alveoli that provide a very large surface area.
          • important for achieving the most effective diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide
            • alveoli have a rich blood supply of capillaries
              • maintains concentration gradient in both directions
    • gas exchange takes place down the steepest concentration gradient
      • makes exchange rapid and effective
        • layer of cells between air in lungs ad blood in capillaries is very thin
          • allows diffusion to take place over short dstance




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