Brain localisation

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  • Brain localisation
    • Different areas of the brain are responsible for specific behaviours, processes or activities
      • Theorised by Broca and Wernicke
    • Brain areas in both hemispheres
      • Motor area
        • Back of the frontal lobes
        • Controls voluntary movement
      • Somatosensory area
        • Front of parietal lobes
        • Where sensory information from the skin is represented
      • Visual area
        • Occipital lobes
        • Each eye sends information from the right visual field to the left visual cortex and vice versa
      • Auditory area
        • Temporal lobes
        • Analyses speech-based information
    • Language areas on the left side of the brain
      • Broca's area
        • Frontal lobe
        • Language production
      • Wernicke's area
        • Temporal lobe
        • Language processing
    • Evaluation
      • Strengths
        • Evidence from neurosurgery
        • Evidence from brain scans
      • Weaknesses
        • Evidence that language might be holistic


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