Bowlby's attachment theory

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  • Bowlby's theory of attachment
    • Innate mechanism
      • Essential for infant's survival
      • Attachment is natural; inborn
    • Reciprocal
      • Two-way process; mother and infant both become attached to each other
    • Monotropy
      • Infant forms attachment to one parent; usually the mother
    • Social releasers
      • Infant engages in behaviours to attract attention of primary caregiver
        • Smiling
        • Crying
        • Gurgling
        • Frowning
    • Internal working model
      • Bond with mother acts as 'blueprint' or 'template' for future relationships
      • Continuity hypothesis - secure/insecure behaviours continue in later life
    • Critical period
      • Period of 6 months to 2½ years - infant must form attachment - social and emotional problems if attachment is not formed




brilliant resource - thank you!

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