Bowlby's Attachment Theory

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  • Bowlby's Theory of Attachment
    • Innate
      • Attachment is inborn product of genetic factors
      • For the infant's survival
    • Monotropy
      • Infant can form one attachment with a primary caregiver
    • Social releasers
      • Infant uses these to attract attention of primary caregiver
        • Crying, smiling etc
    • Reciprocal
      • Two way relationship between infant and caregiver both become attached
    • Internal Working Model
      • Mother is the template for all future relationships
      • Insecure + secure behaviours will carry on throughout life
    • Critical Period
      • Attachment must be formed before infant is 2 1/2  or social problems will happen in the future
  • Attachment:  an affectional tie that one person or animal forms between himself and another specific one - it is a tie that binds them together in space and endures over time


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