Bowlby 44 Thieves Evaluation

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  • Bowlby (1946) 44 Juvenile Thieves Evaluation
    • + Validity: comparisons can be drawn from control group making results more valid.
    • - DC: pps. knew they where in a study, interviews may have had experimenter effects.
      • Parents may have lied to sound less neglectful
    • + Reliability: used triangulation, questionnaire and personality tests.
    • + Validity: real life case studies, in-depth, qualitative data.
      • + Validity: Matched pairs raised validity also
    • - Rutter: suggested the reason for maternal deprivation may have been caused by emotional problems rather separation itself.
    • + Bias: Independent social worker used to reduce bias.
      • - Bias: Bowlby did interviews and other research = may be biased
    • - Reliability: Data was retrospective making it unreliable as it depended on past memories.


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