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  • Boundries
    • Physical boundries
      • The phone
        • Through stage directions
          • (He picks up the phone)
            • Interrups convo, position of power, has a PERSONAL convo with student present
            • Represents greek chorus
              • Ironic as a phone is symbolical of communication, wheras it hinders it and creates a physical barrier
                • OLEANNA AS A TRAGEDY
      • The desk
        • Minimalistic set of performance allows audience to fill the gaps
          • DAVID SAUER "The play they witness is partially constructed by them, and therefore no two people see the same play"
            • Thus opinions concerning crossed boundries differ immensly
        • Symbolical of John's authority
      • Physical contact
        • (John grabs her and beggins to beat her) ... (he knocks her to the floor)
          • Blurs the student teacher boundries innapropriate "there's no one here but me and you"
            • (He goes over and puts his arm around her)
        • (He goes over and puts his arm around her)
    • Non-physical boundries
      • Teacher/ student boundries
        • John is critical of Carol's essay
          • "What can this mean?"
            • Patronizing rhetorical question.
      • Work/ education and private life. PERSONAL boundries
      • Socio- economic class
        • John's overtly elitist carelessness
          • "where is it written that i must send my child to public school?"
        • Carol's defence, explaining her problems in class
          • "I'm from a different social..."
      • Male/ female
        • Sexism
          • "To force you to.....listen."
          • Untitled


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