Use of language

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  • Use of language
    • Harsh/ critical language
      • "what can this mean?"
        • Patronising rhetorical question. John uses language to undermine and display power over Carol.
      • "I wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole. You little ****..."
        • Expletives, implied aggression, taboo language
    • Manipulative language
      • Johns use of elaborate, jargon filled speeches
        • Highlight his pompous character
          • legnth of speeches enable Carol to speak
        • Intimidates carol with long academic words and phases often intertwining his own view point with fact
          • Eg when explaining a term of art
    • Language used to gain power
      • "don't you think? I'll tell you"
        • John represents lectures. Patronising. Rhetorical question places him in position of authprity and power over Carol
      • "and dont call your wife baby."
        • Student teacher boundries, highly innapropriate - somewhat hypocritical
      • Johns use of anecdotes to explain simplistic matters
      • "To force you to...listen"
        • Sexual connotations
          • Anita Hill/ Clarence Thomas
    • Language used to abuse/ injure others
      • Carol mirrors John's previous condescending language
        • "Don't you begin to see...? Dont you begin to understand?"
          • Undermines John's authority ie. PERIPETEIA
      • "You viscious little *****"
        • IRONY he just assaulted her


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