Book 12.1

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  • Book 12 part1
    • Turnus
      • realises its time to face his fate
      • 'like and lion he will not leave the field until hes won'
        • ominous
        • determined
      • asks latinus to draw up the term in the treaty
        • Latinus doesn't want a 'young great hearted warrior to die'
          • he admits it was wrong to offer him Lavinia as fate had already given her to a stranger
          • he reminds that he already has other cities and their will be other women
            • he encourages him to give up
              • these words have no effect on him
                • while they still have resources he shall not give up
                • Amata weeps and begs him not to fight
                • Lavinia doesn't say anything she just cries
                  • compared to 'white ivory being stained by blood-red dye'
                    • her tranquillity  will be stained by the death of Turnus
      • Turnus is seething that Venus has been helping Aeneas
        • this decreases his kleos
        • he thinks that Aeneas will be too scared to fight and Venus will abandon him
          • Naive
    • Turnus is compared to a 'bull coming into his first battle'
      • enthusiastic to fight
      • the god of fire has made his sword
      • regal armour made of gold and copper
    • Aeneas is equally ferocious
      • showing this is a fair fight
        • if turnus wins then Aeneas says that Iulus will leave the lands
    • Juno's intervention
      • not prepared to accept Aeneas' fate
        • she involved Jaturna
          • she'll either stop turnus from fighting
            • or delay Aeneas' fate
      • Jaturna is turnus' sister
        • she doesn't want him confronting a destiny of which he is not equal
      • Juno is desperate
        • she asks for help from one of her husbands love childs
      • the Rutulians are worried because Aeneas is older, wiser and more experienced than Turnus
        • Jaturna disguises herself as a brave warrior
          • she worried them that if Aeneas wins he shall dictate them
          • she supports this with augury
            • and eagle of Jupiter grabs a swan  which then gets mobbed by all the other birds and suvives
              • if they don't interfere Turnus will die
            • Tolomnus encourages them to fight
              • Latinus see's that the treaty has been broken and takes flight
    • Aeneas is desperate to maintain the treaty and refuses to arm himself
      • because of this he's hot by an arrow
      • Turnus is gleeful that Aeneas is injured and exists the battlefield
        • coward
        • likened to mars god of war because he is war personified
        • turnus shows no clemency in his killings
          • he kills eumedes and then stands on the dying mans face
          • he provides a fatal wound to phegeus again and again until his head falls off
      • Aeneas is frustrated that his injured
        • Lapyx tries to heal him but fails
          • venus picks some dittany from mount ida and comes down and heals him
      • he advises ascanius to have courage but to also work hard
        • aeneas and his men go onto the battlefield
          • described as a 'cloud blotting out the sun'
            • loss of hope for rutulians


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