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Book 1:
· Aeneas encounters a storm
·cast ashore at Carthage.
Book 12:
·Single combat arranged, but
treachery provokes a general Book 2:
engagement. ·The hero tells Dido of his escape
·Trojans attack the city. from Troy.
·In single combat, Aeneas kills
Book 10:
Book 4:
·Council of gods.
·Tuscan catalogue. The ·Dido's passion for Aeneas.
·Turnus kills Pallas. ·At Jupiter's command, Aeneas
·Juno saves Turnus from raging
Aenied departs.
·Dido kills herself.
·Aeneas kills Mezentius.
Book 8:
Book 6:
·Aeneas secures the help of
Evander and the Etruscans. ·Aeneas with the Sibyl at Cumae.
·Story of Hercules and Cacus. ·He meets Anchises in the
·Armor from Vulcan.
Book 7:
·Aeneas lands in Latium.
·Latinus promises Lavinia. J
·uno and Allecto stir up war.
·Catalogue of Italian heroes.…read more

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6. Glaukos. Hektor
and Andromache.
24. Ransom of The 18. Shield of
Hektor Achilles.
22. Death of
Hektor.…read more


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