book 12

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  • book 12
    • elpenor is  drunk and on the roof he forgets to use the ladder falls and dies
      • indulging himself with wine is to appealing to his mental strength
      • not heroic
      • provides a way to the underworld
        • they must go to the underworld and consult tenesias
    • they come back and hold a funeral for elpenor
    • Circe invites the men to stay for a day eating and drinking
    • Circe tells Odysseus of how to get home safely
      • sirens will try and bewitch them with their voice
        • they must put ear wax in their ears
          • if he wants to hear the song then he must get his men to tie him to the mast
      • then he will have a choice of two routes
        • past the wandering rocks
          • sink his boat
          • only the argon has ever got past
        • past two dangerous rocks
          • home a Scylla
            • bark like a god, 12 feet, 6 long necks with 6 heads,and each head has 8 rows of fangs
            • she will eat six men
          • charybdis
            • is a large whirlpool
            • everyone will die
      • they will then reach thrinacie
        • he must not eat the sun gods cattle
    • Odysseus tells his men every detail about the sirens so no one is killed
    • he doesn't tell his men what's going to happen with Scylla, if he does they will worry, slow down and risk more than six men being killed
    • they reach the island of the sun god where Hyperion keeps his cattle and sheep
      • Odysseus tells his men that they will continue sailing
      • eurylochus voices the men opinion saying that they are tired and hungry and at risk at being hit by winds from the south and west
      • Odysseus gives in but makes his men promise not to eat and cattle
      • Zeus caused winds from the south and the west so they cant leave the island
        • they started to run out of good and drink
      • Odysseus goes to pray to the immortal god that they will make the winds die down
        • Odysseus is sent into a deep sleep
      • erylochus starts scheming
        • better to die at sea than a slow painful death
        • when they return home they will make a temple in honour of Hyperion
        • they butcher the cattle and help a cermony
      • Called Thrinacie
    • Hyperion is extremely angry and threatens to go shine in the underworld
      • on the seventh day the winds die down so they set sail
      • hit by winds from the west zeus also hits the ship with a thunder and lightening
        • ships sinks all men die
      • Odysseus is swept back on two timbers to the dreaded charybdis
        • he grabs onto a branch off a fig tree and avoids the whirlpool
          • he then grabs onto a piece of timber and paddles
          • luckily not scene by Scylla
            • after ten days he comes to the island of ogygia home of Calpso


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