Odysseus the Homeric Hero

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  • Odysseus the Homeric Hero
    • What makes a Homeric Hero?
      • Hero must be suffering - he is loyal to his home and longs to be home
      • Hero must be going on a journey, ie going home
      • Hero must be wealthy
      • Hero is physically impressive and strong
      • expected to get retribution if he or his family has been wronged
      • is respected from those around him
      • can endure suffering for a long time
      • is supported by the gods.
    • Odysseus being brave
      • When he stabs the Cyclops in the eye with it's "Sharpened end" in Book 9
      • Odysseus puts his armour on to fight Scylla, and would have fought her if his crew didn't sail off. Book 12
      • Odysseus went to Circe's house to save his men even after Eurylochus warned him about her magic. Book 10
      • Odysseus swam for the island Scherie even after Poseidon tried drowning him many times. Book 5
      • Odysseus goes through the city by himself after Nausicaa tells him how dangerous and how Xenophobic the Phaeacians can be. Book 7
      • Odysseus approaches Nausicaa and her maids knowing that they will be scared of him but tries to be as nice as possible. Book 6
    • Odysseus being a coward
      • Odysseus decides to send men off by themselves to explore the Lotus Eaters island, and they "eat the honeyed fruit" and have no interest in leaving. Book 9
      • Instead of waiting for Charybdis to go through her phrase in which she doesn't such anything into her whirlpool, Odysseus decides to kill 6 of his men. He uses this cowardly method to save his own life - he does not want to risk getting sucked in Charybdis. Book 12
    • Odysseus being intelligent
      • Odysseus makes his own raft out of wood, showing how clever he is. Book 5
      • Odyseeus took Ino's advice and swam to Scherie. The fact that he initially rejected this idea shows he is also too clever to trust someone instantly. Book 5
      • Odysseus does not clasp Nausicaa's knees because he undertsnads that she mights be afraid of him if he did so. Book 6
      • Odysseus follows Nausicaa's advice and claps her mother's knees once at the castle. Although she doesn't help, it shows how Odysseus knows what to do and when. Book 7
      • Odysseus gets the idea to hide underneath the sheep so that the remaining crew members can escape from Polyphemus and his cave once and for all. Book  9
      • Odysseus listens to Hermes' advice and uses his sword to force Circe into submission and frees his men. Book 10
      • Odysseus takes Circe's advice and puts wax iin his crew members ears so that they don't try to escape him and go to the Sirens.
    • Odysseus being stupid
      • Odysseus yells his name to the Cyclops, allowing the Cyclops to curse him, thus Poseidon can take revenge on him. Book 9
      • Odysseus sending his men off to investigate Circe's hourse by themselves, knowing that she was a witch of some sort because of the colour of the smoke coming out of her chimney. Book 10
      • Odysseus wants to stay in the Cyclops cave because he wants Xenia. His crew said thet they needed to leave but Odysseus stayed. Book 9.
    • Odysseus being a good leader
      • He gets his men back into the ship after they have been drugged by the lotus eaters. Book 9
      • Odysseus went after his men to save them once he realised they had been turned in to pigs by Circe. Book 10
      • Odysseus makes his men swear on the River Styx that they will not eat the Sun God's cattle, and even though they go behind his back, he tries everything he can to make them obey him. Book 12
    • Odysseus is a bad leader
      • Odysseus stays at Circe's house for a whole year despite his crew's complaints. Book 10
      • His men don't trust him, because they open his bag of winds because they believe it was gold that he was hiding from them . Book 10.
      • Doesn't tell his men about the fact that Scylla will eat 6 of his crew members. Book 12.
      • Calls his crew "foolish" throughout when telling the Phaeacians his story.
      • Fall asleep so his crew can go behind his back and kill a cow in the Sun Gods Island. Book 12.
      • Cannot control Eurylochus as he publically goes against him many times. Eurylochus starts convincing the rest of the crew that Odysseus isn't doing a good job, thus he losses control of his crew gradually.
    • Odysseus is Loyal to home
      • He cries every day when trapped at Calypso's island He "tormenting himself with tears" "tears streaming down his face". Book 5
      • He goes through everything just to get home.
    • Odysseus is not loyal to home
      • He "willingly" stays at Circe's house for a whole year. Book 10.
      • He "made love" with Calypso every night when at her island. He even admits that Calypso is prettier than Penelope. Book 5
      • Does not mention Penelope to anyone - not even Alcinous. Book 6 +
    • Odysseus is Selfless
      • Odysseus says he had "no choice" but to risk his own life to save them from Circe, who has turned them in pigs. Book 10.
      • Odysseus shares all the goods that they took from the Cicones equally, showing he believes that his crew are at an equal status. Book 6.
    • Odysseus being Sefish
      • He wanta to listen to the Sirens and only allows himself to listen to them, disregarding any one else's opinion Book 12.


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