Bonding Spectrum

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    • Ionic
      • Electrons are donated to another atom, they are not shared.
      • Properties: Brittle, high melting and boiling points, conduct electricity only when dissolved or molten, good thermal insulators, forms crystals.
      • forms ionic lattices.
      • Examples: NaCl, KI, KBr, KF
    • Covalent
      • Properties: Low melting and boiling points, Insoluble in nonpolar solvents except water, poor electrical conductors.
      • Electrons are shared between atoms.
      • Example: H2O, C2H6,  CO2, I2, H2
      • Dative covatent: Both electrons shared in the bond are from the same atom.
    • Polar covalent
      • Difference in electronegativity causes electrons to be pulled towards one atom. this creates a polar bond. these polar bonds form polar molecules only when the molecule is asymetric.
      • Examples: H-Cl, O-H, C-Cl


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