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  • Bonding and calculations.
    • Atoms, compounds and isotopes.
      • Atoms.
        • These are very small, they contain 3 even smaller particles
          • Electrons
            • They have the same amount as protons
            • They have a mass of 1/2000 or very small
            • They have a charge of -1
            • They are found in the outer shells of the atom
          • Protons
            • You can find the amount of these in a atom by looking at the bottom number on the periodic table
            • There charge is +1
            • They have a relative mass of 1
            • They are found in the center of and atom in the nuleus
          • Neutrons
            • you work out the number of these by taking the atomic proton number (bottom) of the atomic mass (top)
            • They have a charge of 0
            • They are located in the center of the atom
            • They have a mass of 1
      • Compounds
        • These are chemically combined
        • These are made when atoms of two or more elemants are chemically combined
        • For example, Carbon Dioxide is a compound.
      • Isotopes
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