Bodily Response to Stress

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  • Bodily Response to Stress
    • Sympathomedullary Pathway
      • Stressor stimulates sympathetic branch of nervous system
        • Adrenal medulla releases adrenaline into bloodstream
          • Adrenaline causes 'fight or flight' response
            • Increase in heart rate, decrease in digestion, dilated pupils
      • Response to acute stress (sudden)
      • Uses nerves
    • Pituitary-adrenal System
      • Response to chronic stress (on-going)
      • Uses hormones
      • Hypothalamus stimulates pituitary gland
        • Pituitary gland releases ACTH
          • ACTH travels in bloodstream to adrenal glands which release cortisol
            • Cortisol stimulates release of blood sugar to cope with stressor but reduces cognitive function and immune system


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