stress is a physical and  psychological strain usallally lasting for as period of time , which threatens the ability of the person to carry on coping in a given situation.

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Stress as a Bodily Response

Body Response -When a person is faced with stress for time there reponsers are initieated by the HYPOTHALAMUS.

SAM ( FIGHT or FLIGHT response)                                                            hypothalamus -adrenaal medualla - releases adrenaline/noradrenaline. (short term stressor)

HPA ( LONG TERM)                                                                                Hypothalamus - PituituaryGland - ACTCHreleased -AdrenalCortex- cortisol released.           

Immune System-  White blood cells                                                                        T cells - look for hidden invaders ,  B cells -produce antibodies                               stress can cause , Damage to the heart , Cell functioning , Skin conditions , Behaviour (eating /Smoking ) Vulnerable (to illness)


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