Biology B3 2.1 (Blood Flow through the Heart)

A flow chart showing how blood is pumped into and out from the heart

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  • Blood Flow Through the Heart B3 2.1
  • Deoxygenated blood enters heart through the vena cava
    • The dexoygenated blood enters the right atrium
      • Right atrium contracts, forcing blood into the right ventricle
        • Right Ventricle contracts, pumping blood through the pulmonary artery to the lungs
          • Lungs oxygenate the blood
            • Pulmonary vein brings oxygenated blood from the lungs back to the heart
              • Blood enters left atrium
                • Left atrium contracts, pumping blood into the left ventricle
                  • Left Ventricle contracts, pumping blood into the aorta and around the body
  • Heart Valves ensure blood flows in the correct direction
  • There are two circulatory systems, one to the lungs and one to the rest of the body


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